Saturday, September 23, 2017

Various Artists-Joyful Noise Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2012)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 23, 2017

And now it is with great pleasure that I share something that had been requested more than five years ago! As I mentioned in my previous post of the "Living Single" soundtrack, I've truly become fond of all things entertainment that involve the lovely Miss Queen Latifah. So when I realized that she starred in a gospel-themed film entitled "Joyful Noise", I immediately had to stake my claim to its accompanying soundtrack. The "Joyful Noise" film itself still remains on my personal 'Movies I Need To Watch' list&mash;among many other films starring Queen Latifah, including "The Secret Life Of Bees", which I've had on DVD since like forever—as I enjoy any and every kind of film that combines music, drama and a touching, heartwarming story. But besides being excited about seeing the queen in another feature film and hearing her singing—to my surprise!—on a gospel-themed album, I was equally looking forward to hearing the voices of both country legend Dolly Parton and "Disneymania" teen idol Keke Palmer—the former whom I've only had the joy of hearing a scattering of times over my lifetime of country music-listening while the latter I've only heard on her "So Uncool" album, plus during the closing credits to the Ben Stiller adventure/comedy, "Night At The Museum". THE MOST POWERFUL GOSPEL ALBUM I HAVE HEARD ALL YEAR—that's what I would say about this soundtrack in one short sentence, but I can do MUCH better than that with a detailed rave review about this inspirational thrill ride! It kicks off with the sensationally-produced, groovy disco jam, "Not Enough", where Miss Latifah and Miss Parton are totally preaching to your spirit with so many meaningful words about people not caring and not having enough love in their hearts. I love it when the tempo speeds up and the song becomes like a traditional church hand-clapper! The first of the many surprises steps up right afterwards by way of Keke Palmer's solo rendition of the Michael Jackson classic, "Man In The Mirror". I'd always found the original to be so moving with its theme about a man making a change within himself.....and I felt equally moved while some of that good ole 80's nostalgia crept into my senses at the receiving of the familiar words and chords in the music. Just about everything from MJ's original is retained, including that brief pause—' I'm starting with in the mirror'—in the second delivery of the chorus following the second verse, then the taking up of the pitch for the closing movement. The second surprise came right after that: the remake of the timeless Paul McCartney classic, "Maybe I'm Amazed", performed as a duet by Keke Palmer and another male singer named Jeremy Jordan, although he is a different Jeremy Jordan than the one who recorded "The Right Kind Of Love" for the "Beverly Hills 90210" soundtrack. It's refreshing to hear the pair leading the way on this classic, although the song really comes to life with the rising unified voices of the backing choir! The third surprise is most definitely the guest appearance by gospel phenom Kirk Franklin, who leads the way with his characteristic motivational declarations on the funky, dancey jam, "In Love", a song about being in tune and as one with Our Savior and a reminder that Kirk doesn't actually sing; he lets his supporting singers take care of that duty while he just gets the audiences and the church congregations pumped and into the spirit. I was very touched by Queen Latifah's humbling piano solo, "Fix Me Jesus"; it was just simple and right to the point. "From Here To The Moon And Back": This one is led by Miss Parton and, not surprisingly, has a sweet country feel with the acoustic guitar, becoming more touching with the added orchestral instrumentals; it's an ideal piece to put into a heartwarming movie, and I'm sure it was saved for a special scene in the "Joyful Noise" film indeed. Keke comes back with the loud and joyous celebration of being owned by the Lord that is "I'm Yours", performing alongside a couple of soulicious ladies with some serious r&b bounce to the beat! Another grand performance that made me feel mighty good: "Mighty High". Just like "Not Enough", it too is a groovy, funky disco jam led by a gospel singer I've never heard of named Karen Peck, her stunning vocals, and those of the backing choir, totally take my breath away as their words invite the listener to take a load off your troubled mind. Even the kids get in on the praise party on "That's The Way God Planned It", which reminds me of some old-school tune recorded by THE JACKSON FIVE, as it sounds like a young boy is leading the way while his backing choir are all kids themselves. A very mature effort on their part, to say the least. Though the highest points of this thrill ride for me have to be the "Higher Medley" and "He's Everything". The former features all of the mains stars joined together and contributing a piece of inspirational wisdom while the production leaves you dazzled, shifting between funky pop to street hip-hop to a dancey house rhythm on the fly! The best parts comes during the segment when they incorporate a remake of Stevie Wonder's Motown classic, "Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours", into the lyrics (except they replace the 'ooh baby' with 'ooh Lord'), then the later movements where they keep taking the pitch up and up and up, signifying the 'higher'. Then as for latter of the two highest points of this thrill ride, it's a humbling slow tune that blossoms into majestic, epic showstopper where all of the stars encourage the listeners to 'let us make a joyful noise'. Yet the thrill ride isn't all the way over until you've taken in the gentle, ambient instrumental piece, "Joyful Noise Suite"; I suspect it to be the score heard during the closing credits. Of course, all of these songs will have greater impact and effect on me when I actually watch the movie, but for now, I will enjoy adding all of my favorite "Joyful Noise" tracks to my 'Gospel Mix' playlist:

1. Dolly Parton & Queen Latifah - Not Enough
2. Keke Palmer - Man In The Mirror
3. Jeremy Jordan & Keke Palmer - Maybe I'm Amazed
4. Kirk Franklin - In Love
5. Queen Latifah - Fix Me Jesus
6. Dolly Parton, Kris Kristofferson & Jeremy Jordan - From Here To The Moon And Back
7. Keke Palmer, DeQuina Moore & Angela Grovey - I'm Yours
8. Karen Peck - Mighty High
9. Ivan Kelley, Jr. - That's The Way God Planned It
10. Queen Latifah, Dolly Parton, Keke Palmer, Jeremy Jordan, Angela Grovey, DeQuina Moore & Andy Karl - Higher Medley
11. Dolly Parton, Queen Latifah, Keke Palmer, Jeremy Jordan, Andy Karl & DeQuina Moore - He's Everything
12. Mervyn Warren - Joyful Noise Suite

Friday, September 22, 2017

Various Artists-Living Single: Music From And Inspired By The Hit TV Show (1997)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 22, 2017

It is with great pleasure that I share this latest music wish fulfillment! Fond memories of my television-watching days of the mid-90's always come rushing back to me whenever I think about "Living Single", one of my favorite sitcoms from that decade and well-recognized for starring the multi-talented rapper and actress, Queen Latifah. In fact, I've come to enjoy all avenues of entertainment over the years wherever Queen Latifah is involved—particularly her various blockbuster film roles in "Set It Off", "Last Holiday and "Taxi", plus her first jazz album that I'm so hooked to called "The Dana Owens Album"—so it only made sense that I should someday acquire this soundtrack from the memorable show where she played the role of Khadijah. Appropriately, the queen gets to be featured first with the opening cut, "Ladies Night Out", where she incorporates the words to the BEE GEES classic, "That's The Way (I Like It)", with her own blend of unique, colorful rhymes to show that it's the ladies who reign supreme. It was really refreshing to hear her rapping again; I haven't enjoyed the fruits of her earliest hip-hop accomplishments in quite a long time. Then thinking about that lyrical tribute to the BEE GEES leads me now to highlight the Nonchalant/Faith Evans cut, :Until This Day", which samples the chords and the rhythm to Patrice Rushen's "Forget-Me-Nots". Looks like Will Smith's "Men In Black" theme song for the movie he starred in by the same name wasn't the only hip-hop track to sample the 80's classic! Then there's the NADANUF (I like the stylized spelling of 'not enough') hip-hop remake of "Single Life", a golden oldie which was originally recorded by the funk/soul group CAMEO back in the 80's as well; the fresh rap twist by these two ladies puts a cool feminine spin on the CAMEO classic and totally makes it a perfect fit for the 'living single' theme of the show. Speaking of throwback funk/soul artists, I now put the spotlight on the lovely Chaka Khan, whose music I haven't enjoyed much beyond the 80's. So it was a delight to hear her on something post-80's with her magnificently-performed "Pain", piercing my ears and heart with her aching words of ' why can't you give me what I want? ' while some equally magnificent jazz is featured during the midway break and at the very end with the sweet saxophone. Familiarity struck me further on what I've nominated to be your next 'Slow Jam Of The Night': "How Do You Love Someone?"; it was a chance to listen in on the ladies of the all-female r&b group, XSCAPE, after a long time as well. Also being nominated for 'Slow Jam Of The Night' is the one after: "1-4-3 (Strawberry)", which is brilliantly performed by TONY! TONI! TONE! member Dwayne Higgins; there's something so magical about the old-school groove here. Bo-Shed's "Come On In": another great hip-hop cut with a marvelous rap flow, although I favor this song's beat and that delicious moment when the guy rises above the music with his soulful declaration of 'I got what you need' in the chorus. Soulful and delicious—that would further have to describe the vocals of r&b sensation Eric Benét all throughout his smooth jazz contribution, "Superwoman". Don't know much about this K-Ball lady, but I like her sweet and angelic voice on her smooth n' dreamy "All Of Me", which is simply about giving all of her love to one special man. Then concluding this soundtrack on a high note is the dazzling duet, "I Commit To You", which I believe was played during Overton and Sinclair's wedding in the show's final episode. If it wasn't, then it will make for the ideal wedding song nonetheless. 'With this ring, I commit to you,' are just some of the words offered by this pair, but those words have a greater effect—and nearly brought me to tears—once their combined stunning vocals, and all of their moving passion that comes with it, take hold of you and your senses:

1. Queen Latifah - Ladies Night Out
2. Bo-Shed - Come On In
3. Sandra St. Victor Featuring Yo-Yo & Nonchalant - Chocolate
4. Nadanuf - Single Life
5. Chaka Khan - Pain
6. Xscape - How Do You Love Someone?
7. Dwaynne Wiggins - 1-4-3 (Strawberry)
8. Eric Benét Featuring Boney James- Superwoman
9. Nonchalant Featuring Faith Evans - Until The Day (Remix)
10. Esaga Featuring Pamela Bryant - Don't Waste My Time
11. K-Ball - All Of Me
12. Deborah Williams - Gamin'
13. Shola Ama - You Might Need Somebody (Di Classic Radio Mix)
14. Chris Gaddy & Pamela Bryant - I Commit To You

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Tony LeMans-Tony LeMans (1992)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 21, 2017

My streak of music wish fulfillment continues as I revive another forgotten but great talent who left this world much sooner than he should have. There was a large camp of artists who either performed with, were produced by, had songs written by or in some way were associated with the late eclectic superstar who rocked the charts back in the 80's with "Purple Rain", "When Doves Cry" and "1999". Tony LeMans was among that camp, but only for a short while, as a career cut short by untimely tragedy saw him releasing only this early-90's self-titled solo album—a pure jewel that every music lover should have! That's especially the case for the Prince fans, seeing how uncannily similar Tony is to Prince both vocally and stylistically, as well as for the late-80's synthpop lovers, which is the predominate sound that attracts my ears and why I savor each of these eleven songs so much! I'd first drawn the Prince vocal similarity on the jam of an opener that is "Higher And Higher", though I'd say you can really notice it on the sunny, bouncy tune "Good For You" and the lively feel-gooder "Bundle Of Joy" (Tony even gets a little wild like Prince on the latter one). I confess—most of my favorites have the best beats and make me feel like moving:"Rhythm Rocker" (I can get all into this one, particularly when the background guys are shouting 'where the funk you've been?' while the other backing vocalists are chanting 'rhythm rocker, boogie shocker'), "Cookie Crumbles" (always fun when artists can take an old saying like "That's the way the cookie crumbles" and mold it into the theme for a song), "Itchin' To Be" (itchin' to be in love, to complete that thought; I like how he sings 'scratch my itch' all throughout) and "Real Thing" (a synthpop-perfect masterpiece that reiterates that the best songs back in the day had the simplest meanings—here, the girl being the right one for him). There are a couple of slow gems embedded within this sparking jewel of an album that I have to highlight: "Forever More" and "Paradise", the latter serving as a musically romantic getaway that would make a nice addition to your quiet storm/r&b playlist:

1. Higher Than High (Dedicated To Sylvester Stewart)
2. Itchin' To Be
3. Forever More
4. Real Thing
5. Good For You
6. Bundle Of Joy
7. Cookie Crumbles
8. Rhythm Rocker
9. By The Way
10. Paradise
11. Different Kinda Thing

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

SIDE A-Side A (1989)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 19, 2017

Fulfilling another personal music wish of mine as I reconnect with SIDE A, which has become one of my favorite Filipino bands ever since I've begun exploring the easy-listening OPM circuit. Finally got to tune in to SIDE A's self-titled album this morning, and just as I expected, it was another sweet listen and a perfect place to hear how it all began for this talented bunch. Even sweeter because I'm a jazz lover, and every song has some kind of wonderful smooth jazz accompanying the music! The opening Tagalog track, "Di Pa Huli", shows off exactly that right off the bat with its swaying slow rhythm and nearly beat-less swing. Although the best part of the song for me was hearing the guys' collectively tender vocals delivering the title lyrics in the warming chorus. "Windows Of Our Souls" is a second great track to hear them all singing together in unison in the chorus, with the smooth jazz coming by way of the saxophone. Something about how the lead guy sings 'baby, put your heart at ease' puts a lasting touch on this song; definitely would've made a good addition to the lineup on the now-defunct local smooth jazz radio station here in my city. "Love That Was": the first beautiful piano ballad that moves the heart with its orchestral cinematics and its captivating ' I can't get over you ' theme. "Can't You Love Me Anymore?": this lively, upbeat jazzy groove is one of my favorites and features some absolutely stunning, soulful vocals from lead guy as he repeatedly cries ' why can't you love me anymore? ', which contrasts nicely with his more tender 'let me hear it straight from you baby'; it's like switching from anger and bitterness to humility and tenderness on the fly. The early rock side of SIDE A is presented first on "Love Will Find A Way" then later on "Still A Mystery"; both remind me of the early days of TOTO, with the latter evolving into an amazing jam with the screaming guitar riffs and the rising vocals and everything else that's excellent abut the production. Music doesn't get any more easy on the ears than the breezy tunes "Eva Marie" (this one has that distinctive 80's glow), "Heart For Another Love" and "Love's Bound In Time", whose acoustic guitar-driven rhythm gives the music an almost island vibe and really does create that 'frozen somewhere in time' feel. Then as for that other beautiful piano ballad? That would be the dreamy concluding piece, "Forever Stay", where the lead guy's majestic, rising vocals declaring his desire to spend eternity with a woman while lyrically soaring through the sky on wings turn this one into quite the epic adventure:

1. Di Pa Huli
2. Eva Marie
3. Love Will Find A Way
4. Love That Was
5. Still A Mystery
6. Windows Of Our Souls
7. Can't You Love Me Anymore?
8. Heart For Another Lover
9. Love's Bound In Time
10. Forever Stay

Saturday, September 16, 2017

RADIOS-Baby Yes! (1994)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 16, 2017

Resuming with my regularly-scheduled 'radio' programming..... I'm now two-thirds of the way there in fulfilling the requests for the albums by this Belgian pop/rock band, having located their third and final one called "Baby Yes!", which I tuned in to myself in spurts last night until I finally finished up this afternoon. The eclectic sound that I enjoyed on 1990's "No Television" is alive and well here as well, getting a good taste of that the moment I took in the opener, "I Wanna Hold Your Hand", which has a lively and breezy, slightly-reggae vibe with a touch of Irish bagpipes felt in there somewhere. It didn't grow on me until the repeated looping of the lead guy singing the title lyrics somehow got stuck to me.....and now it's among my favorite songs! On a similar breezy, easy-listening groove level are "Move It Right Now" and "Miracle Man"—where the reggae bounce is more pronounced—the two mellow, guitar-driven gems called "Teardrops" and "Cinderella Sometimes" (the former is beautifully romantic with his poetic references of him and the special woman flowing like teardrops on the ocean; the latter is so down-to-earth and paints a realistic metaphor about how life can be so cruel to even the most beautiful lady on the planet). Though I've come to really like this RADIOS bunch when they break out and jam with the rock guitars, as they do first on "If The Sun", but then do it up big time on "Mystery Mountains", which is another great, energetic one that I personally get an charge out of! Then there's a trio that is just fun to listen to. "Sad World": Nothing 'sad' about how the music sounds on this one, actually. And that 'beep-beep, beep-beep, yeah!' chimed by the backing vocalists? It totally took me back, as I recognized that line from a 80's recording of a song I once heard by THE BREAKFAST CLUB called "Drive My Car", which I just found out today was originally performed way back in the 60's by THE BEATLES. See, there's always something fun and new to discover with these music listenings! I knew something along the lines of country was up with "The Fiddler" when I glanced at the title, and that was confirmed once the spirited polka-style rhythm kicked into high gear! Two minutes of square-dancin' good times—expected, yet unexpected! The title track throws a bit of funk at you.....and a little comedy as well with the high, lofty vocals of the lead guy that become squeaky and nearly inaudible by song's end. Even the concluding piece, "Sweet Kisses", is a delight and further demonstrates the eclectic style of this RADIOS group. Only a soothing, orchestral ambiance serves as the backdrop to the lead guy's equally soothing vocals, together creating the dreamy, romantic four-minute adventure that the music takes you on:

1. I Wanna Hold Your Hand
2. If The Sun
3. Move It Right Now
4. Mystery Mountains
5. Baby Yes!
6. Teardrops
7. Sad World
8. Miracle Man
9. The Fiddler
10. Cinderella Sometimes
11. Wild Planet
12. Sweet Kisses

Thursday, September 14, 2017

William Naraine-Let The Sunshine Flow [EP] (2012)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 14, 2017

Sorry, but I had to interrupt the regularly scheduled 'radio' program in order to bring you one of my personal fulfilled music wishes. Satisfying my latest William Naraine fix is this six-track remix package, "Let The Sunshine Flow", which will make a great new addition to your dance/club music library! I tuned in on an evening when I surely needed a quick pick-me-up to energize me for the long overnight hours ahead. The soulful voice and lead man of the DOUBLE YOU 90's dance group is just as soulicious as ever on this uplifting feel-gooder! I like how each of the three mixes—plus their respective extended versions—offers a different sound texture for your ears: the 'Vincenzo Callea' mix having a smooth, fast-tempo trance groove; the 'Jerma Dubtronix' mix having a slow beat and a heavy, electronic buzzing sound that makes it part trance, part soul and part ambient all in one; and the 'DJ Kuba & Ne!tan' mix having a pounding bass line and a distinctively glitzy, high-pitched accompaniment that adds some spark to the music. Ultimately, I favored the 'Vincenzo Callea' mixes, and that means they will have the honor of being included on my own 'Energy Mix' for future enjoyed replays:

1. Let The Sunshine Flow (Vincenzo Callea Radio Edit)
2. Let The Sunshine Flow (Vincenzo Callea Extended Mix)
3. Let The Sunshine Flow (Jerma Dubtronik Radio Edit)
4. Let The Sunshine Flow (Jerma Dubtronik Mix)
5. Let The Sunshine Flow (DJ Kuba & Ne!tan Radio Edit)
6. Let The Sunshine Flow (DJ Kuba & Ne!tan Extended Mix)

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

RADIOS-No Television (1990)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 12, 2017

Do not attempt to adjust the resolution on your computer, tablet or cell phone screen, but do adjust the dials on your music player, iPod, car stereo or whatever device that you use for music listening. That's because you'll want to crank up the volume a notch or two when you tune in to "No Television", the debut album by the Belgian pop/rock group that curiously called itself THE RADIOS (I suppose these guys knew that their music was gonna be good enough to warrant some airplay on the radio waves?). And so it continues, my ongoing streak of fulfilled music wishes, and here's me wishing that I had heard this "No Television" album when it came out more than two decades ago; I surely would've fallen in love with it! The very first song, "Gimme Love", even had me wishing something else—that it were still the late 80's! The moment the mellow chords and the sound of the accompanying accordion melody graced my ears, my senses perked up, then even more so once the breezy vocals of the group's frontman came into the spotlight. Turns out "Gimme Love" is just the type of easy-listening bubblegum pop that I'm so crazy about. as the lyrics even talk about the guy being crazy in love with the girl himself. Another song that's totally bubblegum: "Swimming In The Pool". This very lively and festive jam has a fun reggae/island feel and proves yet again that artists back in the day could make highly-addicting songs about anything an everything they could think of. Speaking of addictions, I have a couple of newbies to refuel my condition: "Lucky Day" and "I'm Into Folk". The former tells a fun boy-meets-girl story while making me wanna dance with its bouncy piano rhythm and, later, the jazzy trumpets with the marvelous vocals turning the song into a soulicious music affair. As for the latter, it literally is a folk music festival with the Irish bagpipes, the foot-pattin', square-dancing march rhythm and the lead guy's exaggerated vocals that sound like they were made for children's theater or something watched on "The Cartoon Network". Those two tracks made me realize just how eclectic these guys were, and further evidence was provided by the ambient slow piece I chilled to called "Stars In Heaven", the more harder-rockin' jams "She Talks To The Rain" and "26 Guitars Of Love" (now this one I could even go so far as to classify as ' 80's hair band' caliber!). the bluesy groove "Tears In The Morning" and especially the concluding track, "Blue Roses", which is some good ole fashioned country that you would think was recorded by someone in the contemporary mainstream:

1. Gimme Love
2. The One
3. Stars Of Heaven
4. She Talks To The Rain
5. Tears In The Morning
6. Lucky Day
7. Radio
8. Swimming In The Pool
9. I'm Into Folk
10. Lay Down
11. 26 Guitars Of Love
12. Blue Roses

Regie Hamm-American Dreams (2003)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 12, 2017

Living the American music dream tonight as I fulfill another music dream altogether! That's because I just enjoyed an hour-long joyride with a very talented folk/pop singer/songwriter who I am happy to formally introduce to you: his name is Regie Hamm. Even though I've only been acquainted with this guy for a short while, it didn't take me long at all to warm up to him and his easy-going, down-to-earth style, which is marvelously presented on a baker's dozen of high-quality songs that touch on just about every social theme and every kind of emotion. He'd already impressed me on the opening cut, "It's Alright", but I would truly begin to embrace hs artistry upon taking in the title track shortly thereafter. "American Dreams" is one of those mellow slow grooves with the chilled ambiance that tells a haunting yet touching story, which is quite literally about people all over the world who are wanting their chance to live the proverbial 'American dream', as lyrically told through the eyes of Irish immigrants (and it really is a beautiful touch including the distinctively fluttery Irish woodwind melody to accompany the music here). From American dreams to dreaming about starting a family is the smooth transition he makes with the follow-up gem he simply calls "Babies", which is—again, quite literally—all about having kids and starting a brand new life, wedding rings and all. Regie down-to-earth style begins to reveal its best colors on "Beautiful People", where he speaks the absolute truth and gives some real good advice about finding love before it gets too late in life—his words of 'get it while it's hot ' and ' you won't be pretty very long ' explain it all, among other lines in the song. Besides the masterful songwriting, I'm drawn in by the funky and jazzy pop/rock swing of the music big time here! Those boastful colors are shown off even brighter on "Infidels", which is like the coolest song ever! It's lot of fun, taking the catchy, skippy piano beat and hearing Regie mention by name all of the historic and contemporary celebrities whom he believes are infidels in some way or another— Connie Chung, Buddy Holly, Lil' Kim, Enimem, Mr. Rogers, Mr. T, Susan Smith, Dr. Seuss, Reggie Jackson and even himself; he leaves no decade nor genre of popular culture out of the list! Humorous, but in a whimsical sort of way. That same feeling of captivation that I got from the title track breathes through me while listening to "Old Man", another mellow acoustic guitar-driven tune about reminisce and reflection, as he sings about asking a senior who has lived through the ages about fond memories and tales of the past. Every much of a fun thrill as "Infidels" is another personal favorite, "White Suburban". The peppy, energetic pop/rock beat totally gets me hooked, and so does his bits about how an old-school, Chevy-driving, ordinary kind of guy who exists in the modern world but is still living in the past.....and isn't ashamed about it: The best for last is truly saved, however, with the thunderous performance he gives with "Faith In Paradise". A seemingly simple acoustic piano piece explodes into a powerful song of inspiration where he declares is beliefs in angels and miracles and heavenly places and such, all put to terrific production and excellent supporting vocals by the backing church choir:

1. It's Alright
2. American Dreams
3. Babies
4. Shelby Street Bridge
5. Beautiful People
6. Flying
7. Infidels
8. They Know Not What They Do
9. Old Man
10. Yolanda's Fine
11. Victim Of Desire
12. White Suburban
13. Faith In Paradise